Simple, sweet and REAL!! Pure photos such as this are what every mother wants from those first moments of being a new mother! Putting trust in your photographer to take intimate photos and lasting memories.

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Even for the smallest MLS, you can show potential of a place just by staging the proper ambiance & unique balance.

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To be coached and trusted to do intimate boudoirs is one be so pleased with your photo session and how tastefully they where done, that you allow your photographer to use them in her gallery is another story...

For your cooking blogs & business menu's you need to create vivid undeniable beauty. You need to prove that your creations are above the rest. The selfie you took for yelp of a half eaten burrito is just not going to cut it when your customers are looking for a new dish.

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"...and in the wee hours of the morning, on the day you were born, two very tired parents that could not close their eyes after seeing your beauty .When we finally all drifted off for a nap...we have these precious moments captured."

© 2017 All images require permission by Katie Baca Images associated with First Then Projects 

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