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Often Clients have a few questions that will help us get an idea of who they are and what makes them click (pun intended).


1.What is the most important thing an actor can do to prepare for a headshot session?

Get rest ,exercise, skip booze and smoking (quit smoking). Avoid bringing shirts with brand logo's on them. Think about who you are and how you want to market yourself! but do this realistically— what is your your type? Why are you unique? Do you portray the surfer, librarian, typical dad, eye doctor? Consider your weight, height, hairstyle? Make a list of the 4 major categories you go out for. i.e.. mom, student, lawyers, babes, cops, dads, etc. It sounds cliche but there is a part for everyone, the question is what is yours?


2. How would you describe your approach to shooting headshots? 

Realistic– who are you? and what roles will you be able to book?

We need to target that market not the one role you never will play.

All my shoots are relaxed and fun! Some parents are on standby with wardrobe changes and questions, some actors just need a character look update, some are "green and very nervous" which is great: they are open to what I see in them!!


3.  If you could photograph one actor, who would it be and why?

 Oooh Christopher Walken!! This might be a challenge and a delight!! He seems very sure of himself!! For a girl....Kate Upton maybe...she is just beautiful and I have never met a Kate I didn't like ;)


4. Describe your Best experience with a client.  No names please.

Anytime we are all laughing—which is most of the time. I like when I can get real serious and tell them to do something super awkward. Like Me: (serious face) "act like you are chewing bubble gum"! When they realize I am totally joking they loosen up and enjoy the process a bit! I climbed a big avocado tree once to get a good shot lol!!

I really love 99.9% of my experiences with clients and can't say I have had any terrible ones, challenging yes, but I am always up for this!


5. Describe your Worst experience with a client.  No names please.

I’d like to tell the names! Honestly, there are some really unhappy people in this world.

The 0.1% that make it miserable for everyone.

Sadly they’d like to bring people down to their misery level….

The worst is someone who is totally unprepared and full of blame and fingerpointing.


6. Describe your Strangest experience with a client.  No names please.

There are too many to mention!! people are strange…….sometimes good strange and sometimes bad…I am strange so most of the time....I invite the strange!!


8.What sets you apart from other photographers?

14 years of shooting head shots and Lifestyle in LA, NY, Texas and other far out places. I never use outside people that I don't know of. I am always open to suggestions and questions, I alway come out of every shoot with new friends so everyone wins!!

Also, artistic and technical knowledge that comes from years of experience helps.


9. Do you help eliminate the "Before shoot Jitters"?

I always email a list with location and shoot instructions "Do's and Dont's" and I am always text friendly for those who are stuck in traffic, lost, wondering what extra's to bring....I just make myself available. I find this is just key for anyone...isn't it? Also, reassuring people you will go the extra mile for them makes them happy. When you follow through with your word; people will be just as loyal in return. Sometimes it is hard to find that in this industry*

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