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Quick commissioned logo thumbing, creation and execution for Ragnar SoCal Team. So excited to post when they send me my longsleve~

Photoshoot with amazing makeup artists, models and clients!! Custom handbags and totes, yoga wear and accessories. Photography was imported, compiled and web comps were made to show the outcome of a fabulous new custom line website. All Photography, Design & Layouts by Katie Baca

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Nothing Less of Brilliant!!!



Tate Hanyok has taken the next big step in her life. While all around her, friends are getting married, buying their first house, or bringing home a tiny magical bundle. Tate has stepped into a whole different kind of domestication. With her identical handful of a twin at her side (for better or for worse) Tate has become the resident manager of her apartment building. Life at the Weddington Park apartment complex is fraught with all of the utter chaos, life lessons, and unpredictable yet entertaining antics of a full to bursting household. Tenant battles, large and small, are waged on a constant basis as Tate discovers just exactly what she's gotten herself and her capricious twin into. WEDDINGTON PARK is the journey of a of a blushing young apartment manager struggling to make it work no matter what it takes - they say the first year is the hardest, right?

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These are just a few images I had the privilege of adding to the Nickelodeon "Chowder" clothing line!

In my spare time I like to create brands & logos for my favorite people! This design was posted to Mike Rowes new Facebook podcast called "The way I heard it"

Logos & Branding

just off the cuff drawings! These here are just a handful of digital and ink roughs that describe my personal touches. I am always adding to the collection and you will see them pop up on my social media from time to time ;)

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